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La position de la RD dans les Caraïbes La position de Samana dans la RD

La pininsule de Samana et la position de Las Galeras. (IC'est vraiment à la fin de la route).

Comment aller à La Rancheta

La Rancheta est située à 2,5 Km (20 minutes à pied) à partir du croisement dans Las Galeras. Assez prés du village pour que Vous puissiez Vous y rendre à pied mais suffisamment loin du bruits des motoconchos et des discothèques. .

En arrivant de Samana, Vous tournez à droite au centre « Internet » qui fait l’angle de la rue. Si Vous Vous trompez aller jusqu’à la plage, fait demi tour et prenez la 1 ière  a gauche.

Vous continuez ensuite tout droit, Vous passez devant le resort « Grand Paradise », que Vous trouverez sur votre gauche. Vous roulez sur 1 km environ et Vous trouverez La Rancheta sur votre droite. Un panneau se trouve juste à l’entreé.

Vous pouvez prendre un motoconcho au croisement (juste devant le centre internet) pour 50 Pesos par personne, su il y a un problème de langage, dites juste ‘Casa Marina’ et il Vous emmènera dans la bonne direction, Vous aurez juste à lui dire de continuez tout droit jusqu’au panneau d’entrée de La Rancheta. Beaucoup de motoconcho savent ou nous sommes situés. Karin et Ronald ne payent pas de commission, mais certains motoconchos ...
La Rancheta est ouverte toute L’année.   

Si Vous avez vraiment un problème pour trouver ou Vous faire comprendre, allez au ‘Tourist Services’ building et appeler Karin & Ronald sur son portable ou rendez Vous au restaurant ‘ Coconut Roy’s’ de l’autre côté de la route, et demandez eus (Audrey parle français) ils connaissent bien Karin & Ronald.

You will be happy you made the effort.

Table of Contents

How to get to the Samana Peninsula Money Matters Communications
How to get to Las Galeras Health Concerns Services
Getting Around What to bring Shopping


How to get to the Samana Peninsula  

Vols internationaux vers la R.D.

See Links below for some airlines that serve the DR out of Europe and North America. The closest airport is Samana (El Catey). Puerto Plata, Santiago, Santa Domingo and Punta Cana are also possible airports to arrive at.

A taxi to Las Galeras from any airport will cost between 60 to 300 US dollars, depending on how far away the airport is.

By Car

From Santa Domingo - The Carretera De Samana opened in 2008. This two lane highway starts at km 15 of the Autopista de Las Americas (highway number 3, on the South Coast, East of Santo Domingo and West of Boca Chica) and ends in Samana Province. About 2 hrs.   highway.

From Puerto Plata – Follow the coastal highway (Route 5) all the way to Samana. At Nagua ensure you stick to Route 5 and do not start heading for Santa Domingo! About 4 hours.

From Santiago – The recommended route is to head south on Route 1 for La Vega. South of La Vega head for San Francisco de Macoris than take Route 132 heading to Nagua. From Nagua take Route 5 for Sanchez and Samana. About 4 hours.

Punta Cana – driving from Punta Cana is not really practical as you have to find your way pretty much from Santa Domingo. There is no road direct from Punta Cana and the boat at Sabana del la Mar does not carry cars. (only people and motorbikes).

By Public Transport

Check with www.LonelyPlanet.com or www.DR1.com for current bus information, things change quickly in the DR.

From Sosua/Puerto Plata – stand in front of the police station in Sosua at 6 am and get the private bus to Samana. About 250 pesos, subject to change. You can do this trip with gua gua (around 5 changes), a bit more expensive and less convenient but possible.

From Santa Domingo and Santiago– check with Caribe Tours for the schedule to Samana. From Santiago you can also try Linea Santiaguera.

From Punta Cana – take gua gua (5 in total) from Bavaro to Sabana de la Mar for the passenger boat across Samana Bay to Samana town. About 5 hours.

Internal Flights

check current information at www. DR1.com or call Aerodomca, the airlines that does the flights.

From Punta Cana and Puerto Plata – regular scheduled flights arrive at El Portillo near Las Terrenas on the Samana Peninsula. From there you can get a gua gua or private taxi (recommended if after dark) to Las Galeras.

From Santa Domingo – regular flights land in Arroyo Barril about a 1/2 hour drive from Samana town.

If you are short on time, it can be an affordable option.

How to get to Las Galeras Getting Around

Las Galeras is on the eastern edge of the Samana Peninsula. Follow the road from Samana town until you hit the beach….you have reached the end of the road.

By far the most convenient airport to fly into is the Samana or El Catey Airport opened in 2006. There are no hotels or services near this airport and it is about an hour drive from Samana town.

Arriving at this airport you will have to take a taxi, rent a car, or arrange for pick up. (Ron can sometimes pick up guests if pre arranged.)

Since getting to Las Galeras can be an effort it is best to plan to stay a minimum of three nights. As Karin says “ you can see nothing in one day and you can leave with the wrong impression; it is a place to visit when you have time.”

From the Malecon in Samana town you can get a gua gua (local public transportation that looks like a mini bus that has fallen off a cliff) for about 2,5 US dollars. ( subject to increases).

You can also get a private taxi from Samana town, and the cost will depend on your negotiation skills, but about 500 pesos would not be too unreasonable.

In Las Galeras private taxis gather at the all inclusive resort. (called Grand Paradise now, but locally known as Casa Marina.)

Rental Vehicles – it is possible to rent a vehicle in the DR, a jeep or four wheel drive is advised for the Samana Peninsula if you intend to explore the area fully. It is possible to rent a vehicle for a few days in Las Galeras. Driving in the DR can be a bit of a challenge.

Buses - Caribe Tours is the national bus line and has a fairly good service from Santa Domingo to Samana.

Gua Gua – privately owned mini vans that go from town to town throughout the DR. Generally very crowded and inexpensive. A common way to get from Samana to Las Galeras

Motorconcho – motorcycle taxi. A common way to get around Las Galeras if you do not feel like walking.

Private Taxi – You can arrange a private taxi from any of the major entry points. ( Santa Domingo, Santiago, Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, Samana Airport (El Catey)) It will cost you in the region of 100 – 300 US dollars depending on the distance from the airport to Las Galeras.

Note: if you are coming from Punta Cana you will be dropped at the wharf in Sabana del la Mar where you will get a boat to Samana town.

Ron can sometimes arrange to pick up his guests at the airport – please ask about this when you book your accommodation to see if this is possible.

Money Matters Health Concerns

There is a bank in Las Galeras there you can use your bank card at the ATM and get a cash advance on your credit card.

It is possible to exchange money in Las Galeras.

Karin and Ronald accept euro, US dollars and pesos. Like most places in Las Galeras, they do not accept credit cards.

Euro is accepted in the DR but in some places the exchange rate is less than it should be.

In general, if you take the normal, common sense precautions you should be fine in Las Galeras. Be careful what you eat, drink plenty of water, and avoid sunstroke.

Some government website will give a warning about malaria, and tourist have been known to get it further south in Punta Cana, but not in Las Galeras. Malaria pills can have side effects that make you feel poorly your entire vacation. It is wise to cover exposed areas and wear a mosquito repellent.

There is a small clinic in Las Galeras should the need arise for medical attention.

Cuts and scrapes may happen in the normal course of events, especially if you are traveling with children. It is advisable to carry a small first aid kit. (salt pills, disinfectant, band aids, anti itch cream and so on)

Communications Services

You can use the internet and send mail at the privately run Tourist Services Building, also at the crossroads.

There is currently no public WYFI in Las Galeras.

It may be possible to use your cell phone in the Las Galeras.

Laundry -There is currently no public laundry facility available in Las Galeras. There is one in Samana.

Hairdresser – many people like to have their hair done in “Bo Derek” style while in the DR, there are a couple of places in Las Galeras where this is possible.

Petrol Station – You are advised to fill your tank in Samana as there is no station in Las Galeras.

Electricity– Las Galeras is one of the few places in the DR with a reliable electrical supply. The standard is 110 voltage.

What to bring Shopping

We suggest the following;

Books to read, reef shoes and snorkel gear, batteries needed other than AAA and AA, any gear needed for digital cameras, an alarm clock, flashlight, binoculars, small package of hand wipes, suntan lotion, small first aid kit, comfortable walking shoes, light weight long pants and long sleeved shirt, light rain gear.

There are about four shops in Las Galeras selling a variety of items that normally appeal to visitors, including places to purchase the typical Dominican paintings.

There are three shops where basic food and supplies can be purchased.

Las Galeras has one pharmacy and a French Deli selling nice wine, bread, cheese and sliced meats.

www.dr1.com Perhaps the best site for local information on the DR, largely provided by people who live in the DR.
www.lonelyplanet.com The Thorn Tree on Lonely Planet is a useful source of information and their DR guide book is good.
www.samana.net Multi lingual information about Samana. Useful maps.
www.samana.org.do Center for Conservation
and Eco-Development
www.whalesamana.com Whale watching with Kim
www.airtransat.com Charter flights from Canada
www.jetblue.com Flights from east coast of USA
www.jetairfly.com Flights from Belgium
www.charterflights.co.uk Charter flights from the UK
www.samanaride.com Tour Samana by motorcycle


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